Veneers are very thin (about 0.3millimeters) custom-made “shells” specially prepared to make your teeth look natural. As few or as many of your teeth can be veneered in order to achieve the intended result. The best veneers are made of porcelain and are bonded directly to the teeth.



After Whitening

After Veneer

Before- This patient bleached her teeth to whiten them, but didn’t like the appearance of her front tooth that is dark and poorly shaped with an old filling covering the entire front of her tooth.

After- Dr. Jack Hosner of Portage, MI removed all of the old restorative material and bonded new material that is lighter in shade and shaped it better. This is a composite resin veneer done by hand, chairside.






Dr. Jack M. Hosner, D.D.S. (2012)

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