Implant dentistry evolved from general dentists. In the 1940’s, a general dentist developed the concept for implants to replace a single tooth. Today, dental implants are very predictable and successful. The dental implant is clearly the best choice for tooth replacement in most situations. The single tooth implant exhibits the highest survival rates of any other option presented for single tooth replacement.

Dental implants are made of titanium and are surgically placed into the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth for the attachment of teeth or dentures. Through a process called “osseointegration”, the jawbone actually attaches itself to the implant over time, providing tremendous stability and natural function.



Before- This patient broke her front tooth completely off to below the gum line. It was not savable. Dr. Jack Hosner of Portage, MI placed a dental implant immediately after removing the tooth (at the same appointment). The patient wore temporary tooth replacements for the next 4 months. This time was necessary in order to allow the bone of the jaw to grow and attach firmly to the implant.

After- This is a photo of the final implant tooth replacement. The crown was screwed into the implant). Also, a new crown was placed on the tooth to the right of the implant tooth.







Dr. Jack M. Hosner, D.D.S. (2012)

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