Reception Area

Reception Area

Our main goal is to provide you with the dentistry that you want. To do this, we take the time to listen to your concerns, do a thorough examination, explain our findings with you, and find out how you would like to proceed with treatment. Basically, we provide you with information about your mouth and suggestions for treatment, but you ultimately decide what you would like to have done. We then help you with the fees for the treatment by offering various payment options before any treatment is scheduled. In this way, there are no surprises after treatment is rendered. We want you to be satisfied with treatment, and therefore will attempt to contact you to make sure everything is alright.

Treatment Room

In order to provide you with personalized, quality care, our appointments are exclusively reserved for you. That is, when you are scheduled for a particular time, you are the only person scheduled to be seen at that time and for that length of time. In this way, we can focus all of our attention on your treatment with as little interruption as possible. However, since we feel it is important to see patients who are having an emergency as soon as necessary, occasionally, there may be a time when the doctor has to see someone else briefly during your appointment. Accommodating the occasional emergency can sometimes cause minor delays in your treatment, but we feel that most people would want the same courtesy extended to them if or when they are having an emergency themselves. Dr. Hosner is capable of handling most dental emergencies in the office without the need for a referral.

Dr. Hosner executes all of his dental care while using magnification. At magnification of up to 5.5 times normal, he is able to see extremely well. He also wears a headlamp for more light. This exceptional visibility helps him to provide the very best care possible that is both conservative in nature and efficient. Dr. Hosner also routinely uses a special decay-detecting dye. This dye stains the remaining decay so that the Doctor can be sure to remove absolutely all of the decay from your tooth; no guesswork.

A November, 2000 article in the Journal of the American Dental Association stated that “Inadequacy of impressions was the most common problem reported by the (laboratory) technicians,” and ” 90 percent of impressions coming into North American laboratories do not have all of the gingival margins represented on them.” (The margin is the very edge of the tooth to which a restoration is made to fit). This means that the lab making your restoration (eg. Crown, veneer, onlay, bridge, etc.) in 90% of the cases, does not have an accurate model of your tooth preparation on which to make your restoration. This leads to a less than ideal fit of the restoration to your tooth even if the lab does its job and fits the restoration perfectly to your imperfect model. An improperly fitting restoration is more likely to lead to recurrent decay, sensitivity, and the need for root canal therapy or eventual extraction. It means that you may need to replace that restoration a lot sooner. This means more destruction to your tooth, not to mention more time and money. And this, from 90% of the cases in America! This same article went on to say that “The second most commonly reported laboratory problem in fixed prosthodontics was poor tooth preparations.” Poor preparations can also lead to restoration failure for various reasons.

Treatment Room

In contrast to this, Dr. Hosner’s philosophy with all of his dentistry is to accomplish each step correctly first before proceeding to the next. He ALWAYS sends to the lab an accurate impression of your tooth that has all of the gingival margins represented on it. On the rare occasions that an impression is not adequate, he takes the time to remake it until it is perfect, even if it means multiple impressions being made. Remember the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Dr. Hosner also creates very well-defined and smooth tooth preparations with well defined margins so as to make it easy for the lab to fabricate a well fitting restoration. In addition to this, Dr. Hosner uses dental labs that consistently provide accurate and esthetic restorations. With tooth colored restorations, if you don’t like it, he will have it remade. With any restoration, if it isn’t fitting correctly, he will have it remade,…all before it is cemented onto your tooth. It is better to take the time and have it as good as you can right from the start, than to forge ahead with mediocrity and have problems later.

Dr. Hosner has taken many hours of continuing education courses in an array of different topics so as to conveniently provide a variety of services in a successful way. He often uses digital photography to provide illustrations for patients to better understand treatment potentials as well as to communicate color and texture of teeth to the laboratory technician in order to achieve optimal esthetics in cosmetic cases. The materials and techniques he uses to whiten teeth provide for the quickest and most comfortable whitening results.

At Jack M. Hosner, D.D.S., we provide excellent and quality comprehensive service in a clean, comfortable, and caring atmosphere. He and his knowledgeable, experienced staff work hard to make your experience as successful as possible. We welcome you to visit our office and see for yourself.


Dr. Jack M. Hosner, D.D.S. (2012)

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